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Back Draught Shutters are designed to prevent return air from circular ducts. Back Draft Blocker, Backdraft Damper Dryer Vent Hose, Inline Extractor Fan Vent

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Back Draught Shutters

1. Pendahuluan Produk

Back Draught Shutters are perfectly suited for ducting your Bathroom or Kitchen extractor fan, Hydroponics, In-Line Extract Fans, or Cooker Hood, Prevent cold air from entering your home through the dryer vent with our inline dryer vent draft blocker.
Back Draught Shutters are a one-way valve for air, The back draught shutters have aluminium flaps that open when air is flowing and close when air tries to flow in the wrong direction. When there is no air flow, the flaps are held in a vertical closed position by springs.
Comes with balanced damper fully assembled, stops unpleasant odours, noises, or draughts flowing back through your duct.
This backdraught shutter can be used as a part of a long duct run for a variety of purposes including whole house ventilation, passive stack vent, air conditioning, positive pressure, Tumble Dryer Venting, HVAC, and Heat Recovery Systems.
Designed for use in air conditioners (AC), dryers, exhaust, extractor or range hoods, heating ducts, vents and other HVAC applications

The backflow flap opens and closes automatically at low air volumes. It has a smooth-running spring and an internal foam strip to keep the blades from rattling and can be installed horizontally or vertically

2.Parameter Produk (Spesifikasi)


100 99 6 88
125 124 19 88
150 149 31 88
160 159 36 88
200 199 56 88
250 249 61 128
315 314 94 128
355 354 65 198
400 398 64 198


2. Fitur Produk Dan Aplikasi

● Back Draught Shutters Steel housing with aluminium spring-loaded butterfly action shutter
● Foam seal ensures airtightness and enhances noise reduction
● Sizes available for ducts from 100 mm to 315 mm in diameter
● SuperAir Back Draught Shutters can be supplied with a double EPDM rubber gasket, named PVAX
● SuperAir Back Draught Shutters can be supplied with female ends, which called PVB

INSTALLATION: The backflow flap is installed by inserting it into the ventilation pipe until it stops. The position of the spring should be horizontal for horizontal installations so that it can open and close optimally. The Backdraft shutter is installed so that the damper blades open only in the outflowing air direction.
Back draught valves can be inserted into ventilation ducts which are flexible or non flexible. Cannot be used with plastic ducts as the sizes are different.

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