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Penutup AC

Air Conditioner Cover are made from cloth, iron, wood and so on. Sizes and materials are available on request.

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Penutup AC

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Our best selling material

The case is ideal for climates with low to moderate humidity and sun, as well as moderate to high wind gusts, rain and snow. The case is lightweight and easy to put on, take off and store.


Perlindungan Premium

Extreme winter conditions are not only bad for you, but also for your air conditioner. Debris falling on or into your device can affect its performance and lead to expensive repairs. Don’t worry about debris falling into your air conditioner and causing a huge headache for you and your family. Protect your air conditioner from snow, tree branches or any other debris with our full air conditioner cover.


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Constructed with mesh vents to promote airflow and prevent moisture retention. An elastic hem and adjustable buckle straps make installation easy, providing a flexible yet comfortable fit. A touch fastener closure is located in one corner of the cover to accommodate wires and pipes of varying heights. Our versatile cases are designed to fit a wide range of makes and models

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