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Ventilasi Ventilasi Udara Pasokan Logam

The SuperAir supply air valves are being used in the indoor places such as offices, houses, etc. They can be installed on the ceilings or on the walls to enable air supply into a closed space or functions as an exhaust in a closed space. Supply air valves allow a smooth adjustment of the air flow rate by rotating the control disc in the center. The air flow rate depends on the opening ratio. The mounting ring of a supply air valve is used to clamp the mounting frame on the ceiling plates. The following is the introduction of Ventilation Metal Supply Air Vents, hoping to help you better understand it.

Detail Produk:

Ventilasi Ventilasi Udara Pasokan Logam

1. Pendahuluan Produk

The SuperAir is a range of high quality valves for (HVAC Systems Air Diffuser Supply Air Disc Valve) supply and exhaust applications for commercial and industrial projects. Metal disc valves are best applied to air distribution systems handling relatively low air flow rates within small circular ductwork. The valves provide high initial resistance with wide throttling capability which is necessary to offset the relatively high system resistances. Metal Disv valves are constructed from steel spinnings protected by a polyester powder gloss white finish. Flanges are fitted with sealing gaskets and all units are supplied as standard with plated steel mounting subframes.

2.Parameter Produk (Spesifikasi)

Katup Udara Pasokan Logam, KSV


KSV A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
100 98 134 68 18
125 123 170 79 19
160 158 210 76 20


3. Fitur Produk Dan Aplikasi

1. Adjust the air volume by rotating the valve disc. In plus or minus direction.
2. Metal disc valves are supplied with a steel mounting subframe which should be fixed to the prepared opening.
3. Cut aperture to suit subframe size shown in table below.
4. Screw subframe into aperture.
5. Offer valve body into subframe and rotate into bayonet fixing.
6. Fire protection valve suitable for Air Supply
7. Fully adjustable and features a locking nut to fix the position of the control disc upon commissioning.
8. Fully adjustable and features a locking nut to fix the position of the control disc upon commissioning
9. Supplied complete with a fixing body with pre-drilled holes for installation
10. Suitable for all types of Pipe/ Plenum installation

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