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Penyebar Nosel Jet Bola

The SuperAir Ball Jet Nozzle Diffusers, JD-B is the SuperAir plastic diffuser& grille is designed for ceiling exhaust or supply air applications. It is made from impact-resistant UV-stabilised ABS. Suitable with a large range of wall-mounted and in-line fans. Adjustable concentric cone -Achieves better air distribution.

Detail Produk:

Ball Jet Nozzle Diffusers

1. Pendahuluan Produk

the jet nozzle diffsuer is make of high quality aluminium sheet. Jet diffuser are developed for large and high areas.Such as concert halls,theatres,meseum,airports,shopping centers ect. Because of their aerodynamic design,they give a long throw of air flow even at high outlet velocities and reduced noise levels. The jet can be adjusted over 360°.as these jet diffusers handle different supply temperatures,the jet can be oriented upwards or downwards (heating or cooling mode).Different sizes available upon your requested and the corlor commonly white / other colors are available as per your requested.

2.Parameter Produk (Spesifikasi)

Ball Jet Nozzle Diffuser, JD-B

•Color: RAL9010&RAL9016
•Airflowcan be easily adjusted by moving the inner cone


ModGl N (mm) F (mm) D2 (mm) L (mm) E (mm)
JD-B100 98 149 48 76 22
JDE125 122 172 61 95 24
JD-B160 157 210 80 110 23
JD-B 200 197 266 105 138 25
JD-B 250 247 310 128 175 27
JD-B315 312 384 174 200 30
JD-B 350 347 433 185 210 30
JD-B400 397 495 210 227 31
JD-B450 447 523 233 240 32
JD-B 500 497 618 256 250 32
JD-B630 627 779 323 280 43


3. Fitur Produk Dan Aplikasi

Features: This type of jet air diffuser is specially designed to use in the application where the high airflow capacity and long throw supply system is required. Airflow can be easily adjusted from a jet to a diffused pattern and the orientation of the airflow can be adjusted by moving the inner core.
Application: Sidewall outlet type air distribution.

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